How to use the Newspaper in Your Classroom

Teachers incorporate the newspaper into their curriculum in many different ways. Participating teachers have used the newspaper as a tool to enhance vocabulary, critical thinking and rhetoric. Click here to download 100 Ways to Use the Newspaper.

Curriculum Guides

Math, Science, Tech & Environment

Get Plugged In: Learning about Technology in Your Life

This curriculum guide raises and answers questions about some of the technological products available to teenagers – the products that they use in their lives. By doing so, it helps teens learn to build their own vantage point – using the same “questioning attitude” reporters and newspapers use every day.

Holding onto the Green Zone Action Guide

This curriculum helps young people learn about riparian areas – those “Green Zones” found along the edges of rivers, streams and lakes. The Student Guide (divided into two PDF files) includes both classroom and outdoor activities to help students understand those complex and exciting ecosystems. The Leader Guide provides background information and additional resources on the subject.

By the Numbers

This guide offers practical classroom math applications using the newspaper. Applications include scavenger hunts, money related lessons, budgeting, and math worksheets.