How to use the Newspaper in Your Classroom

Teachers incorporate the newspaper into their curriculum in many different ways. Participating teachers have used the newspaper as a tool to enhance vocabulary, critical thinking and rhetoric. Click here to download 100 Ways to Use the Newspaper.

Curriculum Guides

Language Arts & Literacy

What’s in a Word?

What’s in a Word includes word origins, meanings, spelling and other word play that is exciting and fun for classrooms.

Give Them The Keys

Promoting Adolescent Literacy Through Newspapers is a guide with 9 units that include several lessons. Each lesson includes instructional objectives, core standards, a list of materials, an anticipatory set, instructional procedures, and formative assessments. Adaptations for ELL & special needs students are provided, as well as summative assessment tools.

Reading First NIE!

Reading First, NIE! is a research – based curriculum guide for teachers and NIE coordinators that also provides ideas for parents to use at home as well as information about national trends in reading instruction. The newspaper-based activities suggested are meant to supplement and enrich each of the five elements recommended by the National Reading Panel.