About NIE

We, at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, are committed to supporting education in the surrounding Pittsburgh area. Our News in Education (NIE) program is a community service available to local educators and students. We offer sponsored digital access to the electronic editions, post-gazette.com, and the mobile and tablet apps. In addition, teachers have access to an online curriculum site with over 300 instructional resources including an NIE instructional calendar. NIE programs and corresponding curriculum guides provide creative ideas and activities that can be used in the classroom.


PG in the classroom

The Post-Gazette is an excellent tool for reading, writing, rhetoric, critical thinking, as well as career and professional development for older students. Educators essentially use the Post-Gazette as a digital resource in math, science, social studies and language arts. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette brings the real world into the classroom.



Who uses NIE

We provide digital access to teachers at all levels, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, special education, and literacy programs. Our NIE program also supports higher education. We have partnerships with  professors in colleges, universities and professional development groups. Go to our online order to enroll today.